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LOVE SHACKED policies and procedures

Operation processes and procedures

  • Following initial client contact lead and retrieval and recording of contact details into my Client Database, Studio Ninja, I will be guided by the following process:

  1. Video call catch-up to get to know one another and decide if I’m the celebrant the clients need. I will complete the Video Call Pre-Booking Form now.

  2. Following confirmation of service, the clients will be invoiced and required to pay the deposit and sign a service agreement. I will email the clients the online portal to complete their personal information for the NOIM and lock in a face-to-face catch-up at a location that feels most comfortable for them.

  3. I will print out the NOIM that has been filled in digitally by the couple and emailed back to me and take that to the face-to-face catch-up to be signed. I will sight identification (Licence as photo ID and original birth certificate or passport), share with them the Ceremony Information Kit of how we’ll move forward together. I will take notes on their love story and what they would like from their ceremony in my ‘Ceremony Play-by-play'. After the meet, I will also give them access to an online portal on my website where they can access supporting resources.

  4. Couples that have purchased the Love Shacked With The Lot Package will receive an online form 4 months out from the wedding. They are to complete this as it allows them space to share their love story specifics, quirks, inside jokes, etc. with me. I will remind them of the resources available on the portal that can assist them with the creation of their personal vows.
    Couples that have instead purchased the Bitta This, Bitta That or the Just The Two Of Us packages will not receive this. 


  5. 3 months prior to the ceremony, my clients will be invoiced the remaining balance of their service fee.

  6. 2 months prior to the ceremony, I will reach out to the couple to offer support for their vows.

  7. I will write a ceremony script that compliments the couple, that will be drafted and sent to the couple 1 month out from the ceremony. 

  8. I will complete the pre-ceremony forms and rehearse the ceremony, with or without the couple, depending on their choice of rehearsal or not and their chosen package..

On the big day I will:

  • Arrive 1 hour early to the venue to sound-check, to complete a risk assessment, to speak with other wedding vendors about their plans and to work alongside them and to speak with guests to give warmth to the wait time.

  • Wear clothing that is professional and to a similar theme to that of the ceremony.

  • Check-in with the couple individually prior to the procession,

  • Perform a beautiful ceremony that is then followed by the signing and presentation of the Form 15 to the couple.


  • Within 14 days of the ceremony, I will register the marriage with BDM using the online portal and give the couple information as to how to order their Marriage Certificate.

  • 2 weeks following the ceremony, I will send through a feedback form to the couple and kindly ask the couple fills it out and returns it with their honest feedback and I will ask for permission to use this as marketing material.  

  • I will update my website and socials to reflect any feedback or photo evidence received from the couple, if they’ve given me permission to do so. 

  • Couples will ensure they have sent their vows to me by at least 7 days before the wedding. They will arrange their Spotify Playlist by this time as well and have shared this with me ready for the day.

Privacy and confidentiality

Keeping all client personal information confidential is paramount to my business. I will ensure that:

  • I will only ask the clients to share the personal details and information that is necessary for me to perform both my legal obligations as a civil celebrant, and the ceremony that they are wanting.

  • Any personal details I do collect from clients is only seen by my eyes and the eyes of the governing bodies that legally need it for registration or may request it in the following 6 years of its collection.

  • I communicate to the couple of what will happen with the personal details of theirs that I collect.

  • Face-to-face catch ups will not be held within close earshot of other members of the public so that couples can trust the confidential nature of the communication between us. 

Invoicing and refunds

After providing upfront costs in both my advertising and directly to clients upon the initial catch-up, I will send the couple 2 invoices:

1. Invoicing the couple for the deposit that is due 14 days from invoice date which is equal to 50% of the total service fee and non-refundable after the lodging of the NOIM.

2. Invoicing the couple for the remaining fees (cost – deposit) with a due date 3 months prior to the ceremony. 

Follow-up of outstanding fees will occur upon my request of the Love Story Questionnaire.

Clients will be entitled to the following cancellation refunds:

  • Full refund if cancellation is made prior to NOIM being lodged.

  • 50% refund of total fee if cancellation is made between the NOIM being lodged and 3 months prior to the proposed solemnisation date.

  • 25% refund of total fee if cancellation is made within 3 months prior and up to 14 days prior to the proposed solemnisation date.

  • No refund will be available if cancellation is within 14 days of the proposed solemnisation date.

Agreed changes to the proposed date will not incur an additional fee, however, the invoice due dates will remain the same unless the new proposed date is sooner that initially planned – in which case, the due date of the second invoice will be adjusted to 2 weeks prior to the new ceremony date. Cancellation refund policy remains the same and reflect the initial booking date if the change has been requested within 3 months prior to that initial date. 

If I cannot accommodate the change of date request due to other commitments, the booking will be classed as a cancellation and refunds will reflect the usual refund policy.


Prices on travel greater than 50km will be available upon request.

Should I be required to stay for longer than the agreed upon times, including an earlier arrival, couples will be invoiced my 'Extra Hour' fee accordingly which will be due to be paid with 24 hours of this time.


Fees are subject to change and will be updated on my advertising platforms, however, if a couple has been invoiced prior to the changes then the updated fee schedule will not be applicable to them.


Document recording and storage

To ensure personal information and details are kept confidential, all hard-copy forms and pieces of information will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in my office for 6 years following the purposeful use of such forms. Digital formats of personal information will be stored within secure databases that is regularly monitored by cyber security measures. Such storage of documents will only be accessed by me unless otherwise requested by the BDM or Attorney-General’s Department.


Equipment maintenance and servicing


  • All pieces of equipment will be logged in a spreadsheet that presents dates of scheduled or suggested servicing as well as issues that arise and discovered through my own routine tests.

  • Devices will be checked and signed off on regularly and if issues arise in the pre-ceremony checks in the lead up to a wedding, I will gain access to the use of another trusted piece of equipment while the other undergoes the required maintenance.

  • Equipment will be transported with its accompanying safety casings where applicable.

  • Equipment is checked for a final time upon early arrival at the ceremony venue during which time the technology is only to be utilised by me unless otherwise arranged safely.

  • The couple will be responsible for following up with guests or otherwise should they cause damage to equipment whilst on location. They will be responsible for paying for any damage caused. 


Stationery ordering

I will ensure I order all necessary pieces of stationery well in advance to requiring it before each ceremony. I will ensure I advise clients of the appropriate use of such stationary and guide them through the process of completing stationery forms where necessary. All stationery will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in my office along with filed documents. I will keep a Record of use for Form 15 Marriage Certificates and notify the relevant governing bodies should a Form 15 be lost or stolen.

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