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Every second of your ceremony will be tailored to you and will have people later commenting, ‘that was just so them!’ I’ll work closely with you to build your dream ceremony – traditions or no traditions, family and friend involvement, meaningful rituals if that’s what you’re after and of course your choice of style! Whether it be simple and sweet, fun and upbeat, or heartfelt and moving, I will make it happen for you.
Available Saturday and Sunday with weekdays available during school holidays


Do you have special someone in your life that a) would be the perfect person to officiate your wedding and b) just needs a little help on the legal side of things to make it happen? Well call them Cupid and sign them up! This is essentially the Love Shacked With The Lot, but with a little more love! I’ll be there with all three of you every step of the way to ensure your ceremony is everything you want it to be and that your Cupid feels right at home up there with you.
Available Saturday and Sunday with weekdays available during school holidays




Are you wanting the big day, without the big story? Bitta This, Bitta That is exactly how it sounds – you can look to other ceremonies for inspiration and take the best bits without the parts that just aren’t ‘you’, and I can help to seamlessly bring it all together in a down to earth ceremony. If you are still wanting your full love story showcased on your day, with this package I can support you to weave this into your personal vows! This ceremony is shorter in length, but hey, less truly can be more!
Available Saturday and Sunday with weekdays available during school holidays




Did someone say elopement!? An intimate, personal ceremony package that strips away the frills and cuts to the chase – marrying you two!

Available Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings with weekdays available during school holidays

Ceremony time: Approximately 10 minutes



Do you want a seamless progression from your authentically YOU ceremony into an authentically YOU reception!? Who are we kidding, of course you do! Well, would you have a look at this, you’ve come to the right place! With my new MC Package Add On, I’ll make that happen for you! 

It’s true that an MC’s role is a majorly behind-the-scenes one, with liaising with all vendors on deck, supporting you to create a functional run-sheet, keeping everything on time and working creatively on the spot if anything pops up. So, it only makes sense to bring your celebrant on board who’s there from the beginning of your journey and right there for your whole day.

What do I want you to get from this? To put it simply, I want to ensure the day hosts you! You’ve paid a lot of time and money on this day; it’s time you sat back, relaxed and enjoyed YOUR day. Interested in hearing more? Let’s chat! 

Available Saturdays with Sundays and weekdays available during school holidays


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