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LOVE SHACKED... by who?

If you have any non-negotiable when choosing a celebrant, let it be this: you must get along with your celebrant so much so that you'd want them at your wedding! 'How on earth do I work that out?' I hear you ask. Well, have a read below to hear about me, get in touch and we'll arrange a Zoom catch-up. Then, if you still want to be friends as much as I do, let's catch-up in person over a beverage of your choosing to get the ball rolling! 

As a civil celebrant, I'm committed to marrying couples in a way that is simply, uniquely and authentically them! When I’m not marrying lovebirds during the week, I’m guiding the most amazing children on their learning journeys as a full-time teacher. There are so many skills that weave into both careers, and so I don’t mind admitting that I’ve found the perfect pairing!

When I’m not engrossed in these wonderful things, I also enjoy pairings of other kinds: Pinot and pizza making, dog walks and the beach, travelling and my partner, Billy, live music and friends, pilates and coffee, winter and markets, summer and of course, margaritas!

By Shae x 
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